LEND ME AN ID - NoraArmani

“LEND ME AN I.D.” by Nora Armani presented at DIWAN 2011 on Friday, March 25 @ 2pm.

The play centers on one woman’s quest for an identity and belonging in her pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling life away from her Homeland. Sorting through the pieces of a multicultural provenance and existence, Nora’s journey takes us from Cairo, her birthplace, from even before she was born, all the way to New York where she currently resides. The play touches upon personal life coincidences and external events that shape her destiny and identity. In the process of a ‘successful integration’ where she gradually replaces ‘marginality’ with the ‘mainstream’, our heroine faces the dilemma of sacrificing differences in favor of a white-washed but generally ‘acceptable’ identity, or of holding on to her roots but remaining the perennial ‘stranger’. The changing sociopolitical landscape of Egypt throughout the years parallels with the inner fluctuations of Nora’s own personal journey, strengthening or weakening her identity through its ties to the homeland. Various loyalties, some even conflicting, interlace to forge the multi-hyphenated amalgam of her identity.

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