hero_Welcome to DIWAN6: A Forum for the Arts

Welcome to DIWAN6: A Forum for the Arts

Welcome to DIWAN: A Forum for the Arts! This sixth installment of DIWAN commemorates the beginning of the Arab American National Museum’s 10th Anniversary Year. Over the past decade, AANM has provided hundreds of artists and scholars a safe, welcoming environment in which to connect, exchange ideas and document emerging trends in the creation of Arab American art. Inaugurated in 2006, DIWAN has played a pivotal role in the Museum’s effort to build community through the performing and visual arts. In addition to shedding light on the creative output of Arab Americans, DIWAN has fostered relationships that have led to new collaborations, exhibitions and public programs. As we celebrate the AANM’s 10th Anniversary, we renew our deep commitment to supporting and presenting the work of creative Arab Americans in all mediums.

Devon Akmon – Director, AANM

DIWAN6 Planning Committee: 

Alise Alousi

Mohamad Bazzi

Adnan Charara

Imad Hassan

Michael Ibrahim

Aoun Jaber

Nama Khalil

Dunya Mikhail

Jehan Mullin

Rola Nashef

From AANM:

Devon Akmon, Director

Elizabeth Barrett-Sullivan, Curator of Exhibits

Isra El-beshir, Curator of Education and Public Programming

Jumana Salamey, Deputy Director

Kim Silarski, Communications Manager


Major funding for DIWAN6 comes from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Ford Foundation.